Intelligent Business To Consumer Texting System

Watch these videos to see how Business Texter can help you communicate with your customer via text messaging, the most widely used communication tool on the planet. There are 5 times more people actively texting than are active on Facebook!

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Highly Engaging & Affordable Text Marketing


$0.00 Month

  • $20 (monthly value)
  • 1,000 Starter Messages
  • Unlimited Features

Entry Level

$9.95 Month

  • $40 (monthly value)
  • 2,000 Messages Per Month
  • Unlimited Features

Professional Level

$29.95 Month

  • $120 (monthly value)
  • 6,000 Messages Per Month
  • Unlimited Features

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Reach Your Audience without Short Codes

  • 50%-90% Cheaper – No Setup Fees
  • Legally Complaint Opt In/Out System
  • Inbound Text Message Routing & Forwarding
  • Phone Call Forwarding & Voice Mail
  • Automatically Reply To Inbound Questions
  • No Short Code Fees – Local Phone Number
  • Privacy – Messages Are Not Monitored or Restricted

Features of Text Marketing

  • Send discounts & offers to bring customers back.
  • Automated followups, scheduled messaging & auto reply system.
  • Import past/current customer lists & market to them.
  • Send up to 5,000 outbound messages per hour.
  • Store & manage up to 500,000+ contacts or subscribers.
  • Backup everything to SD Card and restore on another device.

Powerful & Highly Intelligent Texting System

Power Feature Summary

  • Unlimited Texting Volume (first 1,000 messages free) (Throttled to 5,000 per hour)
  • Unlimited Contacts (Import existing lists by spreadsheet or database)
  • Unlimited Groups (Manual group creation and automatic groups)

Smart Feature Summary

  • Intelligent  Auto-Responder (Customer service, FAQs and automatic list segmentation)
  • Intelligent Opt-in/Opt-out (Keyword based opt-in) (Natural language self removal)
  • Message Scheduling (Pick a date, time & contacts) (24hr, 48hr, etc. up to 180 days) (App sleeps from 8pm – 7am)
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Full List Of Features and Functions

One Time Campaigns

The system allows the operator to send out one-time text message campaigns to any group list. The user can change the rate of speed to increase or decrease the time delay between messages sent. There is a countdown timer to allow the operator to abort the one-time send.

Contact Import

The system allows the user to import a list of phone numbers into any contact group. The system allows the user to backup all data to the phone, to an SD Card, to a computer, or to an online storage system. The system allows the operator to export all contacts in csv and other spreadsheet formats.

Sequential Followups

The system allows the operator to set up sequential followup messages that are sent at a preset time such as 24, 48 hours or any number of days following the entry of that contact in to any contact group in the system. Also applies to followups to Groups.


The system allows the operator to setup auto-responses that can be triggered by the existence of preset keywords found in the body of the incoming message. The operator can create the auto-response triggers by specifying a comma delimited list of keywords. The user can specify a text message response that will be automatically sent as a reply in the case the auto responder is triggered.

Automatic Group Creation

The system can use the literal presence of the keywords as a trigger or it can trigger the auto-responses using a natural language interpreter. The system automatically creates a contact group for each auto-responder the operator sets up. The phone number of every incoming message that triggers an auto-responder is added to the contract group associated with the triggered auto-response.

Auto-Add Contacts

The system automatically adds all phone numbers of incoming text messages to a contact group list and stores it in a database. It can also accept subscriber opt-ins based on required keywords in the incoming text message body as set by the operator. The system allows subscribers to opt-out using a natural language interpreter for determining intent of the incoming language of the text in the body of the incoming message.

Day Of The Week

The system allows the operator to specify a specific text message to be sent on the same day of the week to any contact group list on a weekly reoccurring basis.

Message Scheduling

The system allows the operator to specify a specific text message to be sent to an individual phone number or to a group at any future day, hour and minute.

Message Templates

The system allows the operator to save text messages as templates for later reuse and it allows those saved templates to be edited.

Sleeps At Night

The system sleeps during hours that could get the operator in trouble if they sent message during hours against FTC regulations.


The stats system tracks inbound and outbound message counts. It tracks how many contacts are in groups, triggered auto-responses or have received a followup message.

CRM/Web Form Integration

It can send text messages from your email system or website. Any contact or sales funnel system that can send email can integrate texting.

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Text Marketing is a Great Way to Reach Your Customers

81% of Americans are Texting

54% Mobile Coupon Redemption

97% of Text are Opened

Up to 45% Response Rate

Facebook vs Texting

Email vs Texting