Intelligent Text Marketing & Customer Service

SMS Marketing Software Starting at 1/2 Penny Per Text

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Engaging & Affordable SMS Marketing

Reach Your Audience without Short Codes

  • 50%-90% Cheaper – No Setup Fees
  • Legally Compliant Opt In/Out System
  • Inbound Text Message Routing & Forwarding
  • Phone Call Forwarding & Voice Mail
  • Automatically Reply To Inbound Questions
  • No Shortcode Fees – Local Phone Number
  • Privacy – Messages Are Not Monitored or Restricted

Features of Text Marketing

  • Send discounts & offers to bring customers back.
  • Automated followups, scheduled messaging & auto reply system.
  • Import past/current customer lists & scrub out landlines.
  • Send up to 3,600 outbound messages per hour.
  • Store & manage up to 500,000+ contacts or subscribers.
  • Backup everything to SD Card and restore on another device.

Powerfully Intelligent Text Marketing System

  • Automatically answer frequently asked questions through texting about your hours, location, services, etc.
  • Send specials, discounts or notify contacts when there’s an event they should know about.
  • Followup with automatically grouped contacts based on their questions & comments.
  • Send survey questions like “How Was Your Experience,” “How Can We Improve?,” etc.
  • Reward customers for how many times they texted in or redeemed a mobile coupon.
  • Forward specific messages to the manager or other appropriate staff to handle responding.
  • Send automatic followup messages like “Thank You,” and others.
  • Send timed followup messages 72 hours, 10 days, 30 days and even up to 180 days later.
  • Schedule one time future messages to a single contact or to any group in the system.